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Aquaspex was founded in late 1997, initially a reseller of water test kits only. Subsequently additional products for water analysis were introduced: test papers, testers and portable instruments for field work. A laboratory was set up for product development and in order to manufacture specialty reagents and chemicals. In July 2001 the microtest® series of water test kits was launched, an Australian made product offering high quality water analysis at low cost.

Currently microtest® kits are the preferred test kit within Waterwatch in South Australia for testing for phosphate and nitrate.

Aquaspex is now operating a laboratory at Melrose Park (Adelaide) for manufacturing, product development and water analysis.

Aquaspex specialises in the manufacturing of chemicals and reagents for water analysis and water quality monitoring: The microtest® range of test kits comprises 45 products for the determination of 19 different water quality parameters. The new aquaspex professional test system addresses the needs of professional users with a high frequency of testing. Aquaspex also manufactures calibration solutions as well as titration solutions, buffers, indicators and much more ... .

Also available through Aquaspex are pocket testers and portable instruments for the determination of electrical conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, redox, turbidity and temperature as well as pH indicator papers and test strips for total hardness etc..

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