microtest® Test Kit Specifications

microtest Chromate DPC

Colorimetric Test for


0.0 – 3 mg/L CrO42-

Product Code662000
ContentsReagent A, 15 mL
Reagent B, 10 mL
Cuvette, 4 mL
Colour chart
Instructions for Use
Analytical MethodDiphenylcarbazide: At a pH of 1 to 2, chromate ions oxidize diphenylcarbazide to a coloured product of unknown composition. The intensity of the colour is related to the chromate concentration.
Number of Tests80
InterferencesThis test will only measure hexavalent chromium (CrVI). For the determination of total chromium including CrIII, oxidation with potassium permanganate is required (not part of this kit). The test method is almost specific for CrVI. Interferences from molybdenum, vanadium and mercury will only occur at higher concentrations (>100 mg/L). Iron in concentrations of >1 mg/L may produce a faint yellow colour. Strongly alkaline samples have to be neutralised before testing.
Measuring RangeThe standard measuring range is 0.0 – 3 mg/L. The colour comparator has 6 colour fields: 0–0.2–0.4–0.8–1.5–3 mg/L. For higher chromate concentrations, the sample has to be diluted. A 1:4 sample dilution can be carried out easily, thus extending the measuring range to 12 mg/L.
Shelf Life2 years
ApplicationsDetermination and monitoring of chromate levels in waste water (e.g. electroplating).