microtest® Test Kit Specifications

microtest Manganese FO

Colorimetric Test for


0.2 – 8 mg/L Mn2+

Product Code657000
ContentsReagent A, 15 mL
Reagent B, 15 mL
Reagent C, 15 mL
Cuvette, 4 mL
Colour chart
Analytical MethodFormaldoxime: In alkaline conditions, Mn2+ forms a reddish-brown complex with formaldoxime. The intensity of its colour is related to the manganese concentration. Iron concentrations of up to 25 mg/L do not interfere. Only Mn2+ can be determined.
Number of Tests80
InterferencesThis test is suitable for testing freshwater. In seawater a turbidity will form. Sample dilution (1:5) will overcome this problem. Iron <25 mg/L will not interfere. Cobalt and nickel >0.5 mg/L will cause high results, as will copper >10 mg/L. Phosphate in the presence of calcium will cause low results.
Measuring RangeThe standard measuring range is 0.2 – 8 mg/L. The colour comparator has 6 colour fields: 0.2–0.5–1–2–4–8 mg/L. For higher manganese concentrations, the sample has to be diluted. A 1:4 sample dilution can be carried out easily, thus extending the measuring range to 32 mg/L.
Shelf Life2 years
ApplicationsDetermination of manganese in ground waters (bore water).