microtest® Test Kit Specifications

microtest Acidity 5

Titrimetric Test for


1 drop = 5 mg/L CaCO3

Product Code612300
ContentsIndicator, 6 mL
Titration Solution, 15 mL
Test Tube, 10 mL
Instructions for Use
Analytical MethodAlkalimetric Titration: The water sample is titrated with sodium hydroxide to the pH of 8.2 against a pH indicator (phenolphthalein).
Number of Tests50 – 80
InterferencesThis test measures the aggregate property of "acidity".
Measuring RangeThe recommended measuring range is 10 to 100 mg/L (2 – 20 drops @ 5 mg/L) for 5 mL of sample volume. This range can be extended by taking a smaller or larger water sample. For a 2.5 mL sample the measuring range is 20 to 200 mg/L and for a 10 mL sample the range is 5 to 50 mg/L.
Shelf Life2 years
ApplicationsDetermination and monitoring of acidity levels of waste waters.