microtest® Test Kit Specifications

microtest Carbon Dioxide 5

Titrimetric Test for

Carbon Dioxide

1 drop = 5 mg/L CO2

Product Code607200
ContentsIndicator, 6 mL
Titration Solution, 15 mL
Test Tube, 10 mL
Instructions for Use
Analytical MethodAlkalimetric Titration: The water sample is titrated with sodium hydroxide to the pH of 8.2 against a pH indicator (phenolphthalein).
Number of Tests50 – 80
InterferencesThis test is suitable for natural waters not high in total dissolved solids. Positive interferences are caused by metal ions that precipitate in alkaline solution (aluminium, chromium, copper, iron), as well as by weak bases (ammonia, amines) and salts of weak acids and strong bases (borate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate, sulphide). Such substances should not exceed 5 % of the carbon dioxide concentration. This test is not suitable for seawater.
Measuring RangeThe recommended measuring range is 10 to 100 mg/L (2 – 20 drops @ 5 mg/L) for 5 mL of sample volume. This range can be extended by taking a smaller or larger water sample. For a 2.5 mL sample the measuring range is 20 to 200 mg/L and for a 10 mL sample the range is 5 to 50 mg/L.
Shelf Life2 years
ApplicationsDetermination and monitoring of carbon dioxide levels of ground water (bore water) and in aquaculture.