microtest® Test Kit Specifications

microtest Chlorine 5

Titrimetric Test for


1 drop = 5 mg/L Cl2

Product Code604200
ContentsHydrochloric Acid, 15 mL
Titration Solution, 15 mL
Test Tube, 10 mL
Instructions for Use
Analytical MethodDye Titration: In acid conditions, free chlorine is a very strong oxidant, and rapidly destroys organic azo dyes. Such an azo dye is used as a titrant and quantitatively destroyed while chlorine is present. The titration endpoint is indicated by an excess of dye causing a colour change from colourless to red.
Number of Tests50 – 80
InterferencesStrongly alkaline water samples have to be neutralised before testing. Oxidants other than chlorine (e.g. bromine, ozone) will interfere. Only free chlorine can be determined.
Measuring RangeThe recommended measuring range is 10 to 100 mg/L (2 – 20 drops @ 5 mg/L) for 5 mL of sample volume. This range can be extended by taking a smaller or larger water sample. For a 2.5 mL sample the measuring range is 20 to 200 mg/L and for a 10 mL sample the range is 5 to 50 mg/L.
Shelf Life2 years
ApplicationsDetermination and monitoring of chlorine levels as a disinfectant in food processing, in industrial water treatment (cooling towers).